AOP 2019-2023
Graphic designer, Ambassador
Working with the Academic Opportunity Programs of New York, I redesigned the logos of the various college level programs. The aim was to modernize the program logos. While working for the College Assistance Migrant Program I also created routine designs such as merch, stickers, letterheads, posters and flyers. 
Logos Made for the refreshed design of Academic Opportunity Programs of New York. 
The old Logos from the Academic Programs
CAMP, 2019-2023
Graphic designer, Ambassador
During my time at the University of Oneonta, I had the incredible opportunity to work for the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) as a Graphic Designer. In this role, I collaborated with the Director of the state program to modernize and update the CAMP logo while maintaining its essential character and legacy. The logo redesign took place through 2019-2020.
 The updated logo has since been used in a range of materials, including t-shirt designs, memorabilia,
stickers, and important program documents.
In addition to my graphic design work, I also served as an Ambassador in a leadership position, mentoring and guiding fellow students in the program. Through my work with CAMP, I gained invaluable experience in project management, design strategy, and cross-functional collaboration. It was an honor to work on a project that had such a positive impact on the CAMP program, and I am proud that the logo I helped create has been seen by influential figures and officials of government.
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