Adirondack Elevations, 2022-2023
Contracted Graphic Designer and Brand Designer
As an experienced designer I was contracted to be the lead developer for a brand identity and logo for Adirondack Elevations (ADK Elevations), a newly-established non-profit organization. The organization's mission was to facilitate outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping for veterans and first responders.
Throughout the design process, I worked closely with the client and founder to ensure that the visual elements accurately reflected the desired brand image. I created multiple iterations of the logo and collaborated with research groups to gather analytics that informed the design decisions.
Being the sole designer on the project, I also developed a range of deliverables, including business cards, stationery, and other visual materials. By leveraging my design skills, I successfully developed a cohesive brand identity for ADK Elevations that truly represented the organization's mission and values.
While working on the logo design for Adk Elevations, a non-profit organization, my goal was to create a visual identity that aligned with their values and conveyed a sense of community and nature. Through various iterations and feedback sessions with focus groups and the founder, I fine-tuned the design to ensure it accurately represented the organization's vision. One significant change I made was replacing a bow in the logo with a hiking stick, which better reflected the brand's mission and message.
During the initial focus group sessions, the first concept of the Adirondack Elevations logo received mixed feedback from both the client and participants. Although the design was deemed visually appealing, it didn't fully align with the company's core values and desired identity. As a result, we decided to take a step back and reevaluate the design approach, opting for a less corporate and more authentic style that would better reflect the client's vision and goals. Ultimately, we came up with a new logo that truly embodies the spirit of Adirondack Elevations and has been well-received by both the client and target audience.
Creating designs that would be appealing on apparel was very important for this client.
A badge-style variation of the logo was created to provide versatility for its use on apparel, as patches, and as a seal on documents.

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