CAMP, 2019-2023
Graphic designer, Ambassador
During my time at the University of Oneonta, I had the incredible opportunity to work for the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) as a Graphic Designer. In this role, I collaborated with the Director of the state program to modernize and update the CAMP logo while maintaining its essential character and legacy. The logo redesign took place through 2019-2020.
 The updated logo has since been used in a range of materials, including t-shirt designs, memorabilia,
stickers, and important program documents.
In addition to my graphic design work, I also served as an Ambassador in a leadership position, mentoring and guiding fellow students in the program. Through my work with CAMP, I gained invaluable experience in project management, design strategy, and cross-functional collaboration. It was an honor to work on a project that had such a positive impact on the CAMP program, and I am proud that the logo I helped create has been seen by influential figures and officials of government.
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