The new product: "Skin Hero"
The new product Skin Hero (left) is an expansion of the "balms" available at Finn. As an expansion of the line it is important that the design language from the existing product, "Skin Hero" (Right) stays the same. The product must have visual compatibility with "Paw Hero" so the design for the new product has stayed very similar.
The product design for "Skin Hero" used a pink colour. While brand guidelines suggest yellow for allergy and itch products, "Paw Hero" is identifiable with its yellow and light blue colour. To avoid buyer confusion and improve buyer visual identification the usage of pink for this design was chosen. Making this creative decision meant that it would be important to relate "Skin Hero" to the existing Allergy and Itch treats Finn produces in other ways.
Watch the social media advertisement for "Skin Hero"
This social media ad is targeted at followers of the page.
To advertise the new product, I chose to play off the "Hero" product name. This would also be beneficial to advertise the pair of Allergy and Itch products. This advertisement is a great way to use the alternate colour choice of the "Skin Hero" balm
Packaging Design

After completion of the Skin hero tin design, I created a new box packaging. While taking supply chain into consideration for this product, it would be advantageous to keep the same box style and supplier as the previous "Paw Hero". However, an important part of Finn's branding is packaging, such as the tin packaging for their treat line. I chose to expand on this by crafting a new box for Skin Hero.
I crafted a dieline for a rigid box with visible neck and shoulders. This design would create a memorable unboxing experience and keep the design philosophy present with prior packaging.
To see a 3D version of the box and tin design for "Skin Hero" please scan the QR code with your phone's camera. Make sure to hold the camera slightly back from a surface to ensure the camera can see the table and its distance from the camera for the AR experience to work best.
*Give the box a tap on your screen to open it!
Email Campaign
I created assets and all copywriting for the email campaign for the release of "Skin Hero"
Skin Hero landing page and shop page concept
To view the concept wireframe as an interactive presentation please copy and paste the link in browser:
Photo Material Made for Case Study
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