Mountain West, 2021
Graphic Designer, Brand Designer
Work was created as a project. Pending a purchase of logo by business owner who is starting a cafe and likes the logo and its brand identity. 

Changing the Brand Identity
In the evolution of the Mountain West logo, I shifted away from its original ruggedness and gradient style. During the modernization process, my goal was to infuse the design with a refined identity while embracing the emerging trend of "anti-advertising". Drawing on the original logo using the M and W of Mountain West, I created an elegant bowtie design, inspired by mountains, concealing a coffee bean at its center. The redesigned logo perfectly aligns with the aesthetic of cafe locations and possesses a contemporary appeal. By combining elements of the original design with a modern twist, the new Mountain West logo strikes a balance between tradition and a fresh, sophisticated look. While the original identity possesses undeniable beauty, this showcases the versatility and skill to develop distinct brand identities under the same umbrella.
The old Mountain West design
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