Oceanwater, Late 2022-2023
Creative Director, Graphic designer
As the Lead Designer and Creative Director for Oceanwater's sustainable water bottle startup project, I was responsible for creating a brand that embodied the company's mission and values while also appealing to its target audience. My role involved developing a visual identity that was modern, beachy, and fun, and designing a logo that captured the essence of the brand.
To achieve this, I conducted extensive research into Oceanwater's target market and analyzed competitors' branding strategies. Using this information, I developed a comprehensive brand strategy that included brand values, personality traits, messaging, and the new visual elements.
I then created a visual identity system that developed Oceanwater's brand colors, typography, and imagery, ensuring that it was consistent across all touchpoints, from the water bottle itself to the website, social media channels, and marketing materials.
The deliverables ranged from bottle design, including material usage logistics, to digital ad concepts.
The result was a brand that was not only visually appealing but also resonated with consumers who care about sustainability and the environment. Through my design expertise and attention to detail, I helped Oceanwater establish a brand identity that aligned with its mission and values, while also differentiating it from competitors in a crowded market.
In addition to designing the Oceanwater brand and water bottle, I also developed a brand strategy to help increase sales and build brand awareness. One key aspect of this strategy was creating a unique tube design made entirely from recycled paper, which would both hide the bottle design and make a statement on store shelves and during delivery. By concealing the bottle design, I created an element of surprise and encouraged consumers to collect different bottle styles.
To further differentiate the brand, I developed campaign structure to create partnerships
with other brands, creating exclusive designs that fans could collect. By leveraging these partnerships, Oceanwater was able to increase its visibility and appeal to
 a broader audience.
In addition to being visually appealing, these bottles were made with sustainable methods and recycled materials, helping to build the brand's reputation as an eco-friendly company. To further reinforce this commitment to sustainability, we also hosted clean-up projects to support environmental causes.
Overall, my brand strategy and design work for Oceanwater helped the company establish a unique identity in a crowded market, build brand awareness and loyalty, and increase sales through partnerships and exclusive designs.
These are some developments of advertisements for the brand. These images derive from concepts for a video ad.
This is a work that shows the branding ability of these water bottles. Using a responsible drinking campaign I worked on, I created a collaboration to show the ability for the company to create specially designed bottles to target a wider audience. 
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