University of Oneonta Clubs
PR, Marketing and Graphic Designer, 2019-2023
During my time as a student at the University of Oneonta, I actively contributed to the university's extracurricular activities. As a coach for Oneonta Fencing, I helped lead the team to success. Additionally, I served as the PR manager for multiple student-run clubs.
As a key member and starter of a newly-founded business club, I collaborated closely with the business department and the founder of this club to develop the club's branding. I created logos for the Fencing Club, Taekwondo Club, and the Supply Chain Management Business Club. Notably, the Supply Chain Management logo will be utilized for the University of Oneonta's official Supply Chain Management major, appearing on syllabi and used by professors in the field.
In addition to my design work, I held the PR position for the Supply Chain Management club, contributing to its successful launch. I also designed and developed apparel for both the Oneonta Fencing team and the Taekwondo club, using online store fronts to sell the apparel.
 The contributions to the University of Oneonta's extracurricular activities exemplify my ability to collaborate with stakeholders, develop branding strategies, and execute effective designs in various business atmospheres.

To create a logo for the Oneonta fencing club that stands out from the crowd, I focused on modernizing the traditional fencing iconography while making it compatible with other sports logos. We opted for a sleek and simple design consisting of sharp triangles, resulting in an easily recognizable icon that can be used on various apparel and social media platforms. The logo's sharp edges and bold lines are a reflection of the club's ethic and passion.
The Oneonta Taekwondo club needed a logo that could easily represent the club on various platforms, including social media and apparel. To achieve this, we aimed to create a simple yet effective logo that would capture the essence of Taekwondo. We focused on designing a modernized logo that would resonate unity throughout the sporting clubs of martial arts at Oneonta.
The logo design features a unique combination of geometric shapes that come together to form a striking icon, easily recognizable as Taekwondo. The sharp lines and angles represent the strength and precision of Taekwondo, while the use of negative space and minimalistic design gives the logo a modern feel.
The simplicity of the design not only allows for easy recognition but also enhances the club's brand identity, making it easily distinguishable among other martial arts clubs. By incorporating the same design language as the fencing club logo, we were able to create a sense of cohesion and unity among the sporting clubs at Oneonta
As a founding member and PR coordinator of the Supply Chain Management Club, created in collaboration with the Business and Economics department at Oneonta, I played a vital role in launching this new student organization. One of my key responsibilities was to develop a logo that would not only appeal to potential club members, but also represent the emerging major of supply chain management at Oneonta.
To accomplish this, I designed a logo that embodies the core values of supply chain management - efficiency, collaboration, and innovation - while also being visually striking and memorable. The logo will serve as a unifying symbol for the club and the major, and will be prominently displayed on professor syllabi and other marketing materials.
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